Agile Lean Consulting for Start-ups

Too much startup nonsense around you? All show no substance? Thousands of buzzwords not conveying sensible meaning? Lost in startup hipness?

Breathe! We’ve been there. We know how disorienting entrepreneurship can be. We can bring some clarity to your startup jungle.

We’re convinced that it’s first and foremost you who determines the success of your company. That’s why we care about you as a person behind the startup. Yes, we are also concerned with your matter of fact business model. Because there’s no successful entrepreneur without a valid business model. We are neither personal coaches nor pure business consultants. We are a bit of both.

It’s like marriage. You and your business model must be a good match. But it’s still a lot of work. We want this work to be meaningful to you.

About Us

We believe that entrepreneurship is an integral part of society as a whole. We support young entrepreneurs and startups with small or no funding. The first stages of any enterprise are the most decisive. Because most entrepreneurs or startups in this phase don’t dispose of huge budgets, we work “pro bono”.


“That’s the Thinkery—for clever minds. In there live men who argue and persuade.”
(Aristophanes, The Clouds, 423 B.C.)

“To establish a thought, or proceed with the task of thinking. A moment spent in thought, time given for an individual or a group of people to think.”
(Urban Dictionary)

 How It Works 

Our mentoring sessions follow a 4 step process addressing your product, your business model, marketing communication, and the person behind the startup. Because we believe business cannot be separated from the people and their needs, we combine in every session food for thought with real meals.

1. Product Lunch

We have a discussion about your planned product or service over lunch.

2. Business Model Dinner

This will take longer. That’s why we’ll have an open-end dinner to review and refine a sustainable model for the business side of your enterprise.

3. Pitch Breakfast

You can tell by now we love eating out. In this session we’ll help you with how to best structure your pitch and slide deck. A quick coffee and croissant should be enough – or muesli if you prefer vegan.

4. Startup Doggy Bag

In case we serve too much to digest on the spot, there’s the possibility to take some of it home and continue there.

Submit a short application here. We’ll usually respond within 1 week and tell you if we think that we can be of any value to you or not. If we have a match, mentoring can start right away.


Rainer Kruschwitz
Rainer KruschwitzPartner
As a start-up mentor and founder himself he’s been through quite a few ups and downs of entrepreneurship. He just sold his latest company and is a mentor at Berlin Startup Academy. He’s a speaker and lecturer on digital business.
Dennis Boehres
Dennis BoehresPartner
Founder of Popup Berlin. Previously CTO and CEO at Neofonie Mobile. Mentor at hub:raum and plug&play. Dennis’ experience with entrepreneurship has provided him with many opportunities for learning and a deeper understanding, of himself and others. He’s always eager to share, mix and match his insights with other entrepreneurs.